Make connection quality a top priority

We know that connection quality is make-or-break. That’s why our IPX is built on the values of quality and reach! 

Improve reach and experience with peering

Sinch provides services directly and via peering with state-of-the-art capabilities, all through a single, dedicated network connection. A must- have for global footprint and security! 

Build on trust and reliability

We have years of first-to-market experience – and it’s reflected in our IPX. When service reliability is the differentiator, you can put your trust in Sinch!

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IPX isn’t part of a mobile operator group – it's a trusted neutral partner with no conflicting interests. That means our services are always focused on delivering value to you and your customers! 


IPX provides roaming, voice, and messaging services all through one connection. This means the simplicity and convenience of one-stop shopping - for you and your customers! 

Single-owned backbone

IPX delivers services on a single, seamless global network with the Tier 1 IP network of our partner, PCCW Global.  Enjoy top-notch quality monitoring capabilities and data analytics and deliver a world-class customer experience!

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Want are you waiting for? Start transforming your global reach!

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